Faster sales process with VariCPQ in SalesForce

Would you like to make your sales team's work easier and get quotes done faster. With VariCPQ you can quicken up the sales process and eliminate errors in offers.

VariCPQ is the easiest CPQ for Salesforce to set up.
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Variantum's VariCPQ makes quoting in Salesforce easier!

How to get VariCPQ?

Our video shows how to install VariCPQ

Watch our video to install VariCPQ easily. VariCPQ is the easiest CPQ-extension for Salesforce to set up. It will supplement Salesforce processes and make quoting easier. Product Modeling is done with Excel saved into Salesforce product. Dynamic Web User interface is adjusted based on excel.


More by Variantum

Variantum is the leading Offering Management company. We build software systems that enable enhancing processes in sales, engineering, production and maintenance. With our software you can manage configurable product and service offerings through their lifecycle and meet your customers needs promptly.

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How to manage CPQ

How to manage CPQ easily in Salesforce?

Companies often have challenges in managing the different tasks in sales process. Modern CPQ-software can automize the routine tasks and enhance quoting process.

How could you make your sales function more efficient?

CPQ-extensions for Salesforce

Comparing CPQ-extensions for Salesforce - how to choose?

Salesforce offers several CPQ-extensions integrated to their ecosystem. We have compared CPQ-systems from Tacton, Oracle, Conga, PROS Smart and Variantum. F
ind out the results!

VariCPQ in sales

Why should you use VariCPQ in sales?

CPQ-software can make the sales work efficient by automizing tasks and ensuring correct pricing.

VariCPQ is a plug-and-play configurator for Salesforce and easy to set up without external help.


What our partners and customers say

“Variantum offered us an out-of-the-box solution to integrate to our Salesforce CRM. I would recommend Variantum to other customers, if they struggle with variable products.”

“VariCPQ appears to offer companies a very flexible, powerful, and low cost of ownership sales configurator for Salesforce customers.”

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