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$29 USD per user per month Starting at $150 USD per user per month $240 USD per user per month Starting at $35 USD per user per month Starting at $95 USD per user per month

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Salesforce AppExchange Highlights

✔ Web and mobile easy-to-use dynamic interface guides user to select only allowed product combinations and secures that offered product follows company rules. User interface adopts automatically to the sales model and calculates price after each selection.
✔ Excel based product modelling is easy. Companies can do this app installation and configuration to Salesforce without external help which means zero-cost-project approach. After installation just edit couple of settings and edit product model in Excel.
✔ After configuration VariCPQ updates price, selected features and configuration status to opportunity's product into Salesforce. Reconfigurations are possible if changes to product selections are needed e.g. customer wants to optimize product price.
✔ Tacton helps manufacturers configure and price even the most complex products and generate accurate quotations. Tacton Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software helps manufacturers use self-service, guided selling to accurately configure complex products.
✔ Tacton’s CPQ solutions help manufacturers ensure correct pricing, deliver personalized and customized quotes, and accelerate the time it takes sales to create a proposal. Time-consuming tasks between sales, engineering, and customers are minimized.
✔ Visual configuration empowers your customers to interact with their products. Real-time visuals allow your buyer to understand their product. Costly miscommunications are significantly reduced by providing more accurate expectations.
✔ Configure: Guided selling with easy-to-follow steps to identify needs and relevant offers; Intuitive configuration to ensure 100% order accuracy; Support on any device; Subscription ordering to configure and manage subscription contracts.
✔ Price: Supports various pricing models including multiple price books, discretionary discounting, localization, seasonality, promotions, channel pricing, multi-tier pricing, and more; Deal management to maximize margins and win rates.
✔ Quote: Provides custom-branded quotes, statements of work, engineering documents, data sheets, and contracts; Contract management with automated routing for approvals and signatures; Electronic signatures with market-leading e-signature vendors.
✔ MAKE COMPLEX PRODUCT SALES SIMPLE ON ALL CHANNELS: Add line items without sacrificing complexity. Product visibility & availability rules (location/channel/user). Guided selling wizards for configurable products. E-commerce, partner/direct sales channels
✔ MANAGE PRODUCT & SERVICE COMBOS WITHOUT SEPARATE QUOTES: Quickly combine products with professional, subscription or after-market services. Full visibility into purchases on a single quote. Quickly upsell & cross-sell added services with guided selling
✔ BREAK BOTTLENECKS & BARRIERS IN THE SALES PROCESS: Manage Quote-to-Cash with an intelligent solution on a single data model. Templates and playbooks make deal construction easy. Machine learning insights & alerts enable rapid sales process improvements.
✔ SELL EASIER: Use PROS Smart CPQ to develop and maintain product offers quickly and deploy them to all channels in one click.
✔ SELL FASTER: Leverage PROS Smart CPQ to create 100% reliable branded quotes & proposals and get the contract signed.
✔ SELL SMARTER: Employ data science driven pricing guidance inside CPQ to determine what customers are willing to pay.


Tacton CPQ

Oracle CPQ Conga CPQ PROS Smart CPQ

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